UK [ˈfriːwiːlɪŋ] / US [ˈfrɪˌwɪlɪŋ] / US [ˈfrɪˌhwɪlɪŋ] adjective
not limited by rules, customs, or responsibilities

a freewheeling lifestyle

English dictionary. 2014.

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  • freewheeling — adj. acting heedless of consequences; acting without controls, external or internal; as, freewheeling foolishness. Syn: careless, irresponsible, reckless. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • freewheeling — 1903, from free wheel (1899, see FREE (Cf. free) (adj.) + WHEEL (Cf. wheel)); a bicycle wheel that turns even when not being pedaled, later from the name of a kind of automobile drive system that allowed cars to coast without being slowed by the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • freewheeling — [frē′ hwēl′iŋ, frē wēl′iŋ] adj. 1. of or having a freewheel 2. Informal unrestrained in manner, actions, etc.; uninhibited …   English World dictionary

  • freewheeling — adjective Date: 1931 free and loose in form or manner: as a. heedless of social norms or niceties < the raider style of his freewheeling father Garry Wills > b. not repressed or restrained < freewheeling promiscuity > < a freewheeling competitive …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • freewheeling — [[t]fri͟ː(h)wi͟ːlɪŋ[/t]] also free wheeling ADJ: usu ADJ n If you refer to someone s freewheeling lifestyle or attitudes, you mean that they behave in a casual, relaxed way without feeling restricted by rules or accepted ways of doing things. He… …   English dictionary

  • freewheeling — adjective 1. free of restraints or rules (Freq. 1) freewheeling foolishness the versatility of his poetic freewheeling style • Similar to: ↑unrestrained 2. cheerfully irresponsible carefree with his money freewheeling …   Useful english dictionary

  • freewheeling — /free hwee ling, wee /, adj. 1. operating in the manner of a freewheel. 2. (of a person) moving about freely, independently, or irresponsibly. 3. (of words, remarks, actions, etc.) unrestrained; irresponsible: Loose, freewheeling charges were… …   Universalium

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  • freewheeling — free|wheel|ing [ fri,wilıŋ, fri,hwilıŋ ] adjective not limited by rules, customs, or responsibilities: a freewheeling lifestyle …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • freewheeling — adjective informal / fri: wi:lIN / not worried about rules or what will happen in the future: A lot of the girls envied me my independent, freewheeling life …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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